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My Journey

My journey started in 2016 when I noticed some unwelcome changes – first, the gradual weight gain that seemed unstoppable. Despite all my efforts, the pounds kept piling on. Then, a cascade of symptoms hit me like bus – heart palpitations, hair loss, severe acne, gum issues, anxiety attacks, insomnia, fatigue, brain fog, and more.

Confused and disoriented, I sought medical advice, only to be told it was stress. I felt like I was on the verge of dementia, losing my grip on reality. The turning point came during a harrowing anxiety attack in a supermarket, leaving me with no choice but to abandon my shopping and flee. Sitting in my car, tears streaming down my face, heart pounding, I knew I had to take charge.

That’s when I dived into researching my symptoms and stumbled upon the term “perimenopause.” Now, armed with knowledge and personal resilience, I’m here to guide you through your own journey, ensuring you don’t just survive but thrive during this transformative phase.

Awards And Achievements

Michelle Rowlinson Award winner
Michelle Rowlinson
Michelle Rowlinson Award Finalist
Michelle Rowlinson Global Woman
Michelle Rowlinson Award nominee

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Age UK Norwich
Treasured Chests Breast Cancer support